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Interview With Christian Selmoni, Style And Heritage Director of Vacheron Constantin
It’s not particularly often that we get to have an interview with the staff of big watch brands such as Vacheron Constantin, but when we do, we always look forward to their responses. For this interview, we got to speak with Mr. Christian Selmoni, the Style and Heritage Director for Vacheron Constantin. He started with the brand back in 1990 as a Sales Administration Manager, before moving to a Purchasing Manager position in 1992 and then becoming the Production and Purchasing Manager in 1996. In 2001, he was given the task of turning all aspects of Vacheron Constantin’s production side (from the initial concept to the final watch) into one Product Department which came into play when the brand released it’s 250th anniversary pieces (which included a one-off Esprit de Cabinotiers clock, the Tour de’Ile watch, the Saint Gervais watch, the Jubilé 1755 watch and a Metiers d’Art piece as well, all were limited in production). In 2010 he was appointed the role of Artistic Director, which led to his current role as the Style and Heritage Director, where he enriches and develops the Maison’s heritage and extracts elements from classical designs that can be adapted for new Vacheron Constantin models. He is also responsible for relations with clients, watch collectors and the press, that’s quite a lot! So, without further ado, let us introduce Mr. Selmoni.Mens Smart Watches

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