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Ristorante “Dal Francese”
Via Montello, 29 - Chiampo (VI)
Tel.: 0444 623394
Email: info@ristorantedalfrancese.it
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Explore the Rolex Lexicon in the WatchTime E-Special: “Inside Rolex”
The WatchTime E-Special: “Inside Rolex,” available exclusively on the WatchTime app, has been a hit among our readers. In addition to its rare look behind the scenes at Rolex factories in Bienne and Geneva, “Inside Rolex” features the Rolex Lexicon, a dictionary of the terminology used by Rolex (and its legions of fans) to describe its different mechanisms and materials.rnrnOne of those mechanisms defined in the lexicon is the Ring Command system, developed and patented by Rolex, which is a rotatable bezel that interacts with the watch movement. On the Yacht-Master II, it affords access to the programming function of this regatta chronograph’s mechanical countdown. On the Sky-Dweller model, the system is used to select the function to be set: date, local time, or reference time. Once selected, the function can be rapidly adjusted, forward or back, with the crown.rnrnThe Ring Command bezel, developed and patented by Rolex.rnFor more Rolex terms — 30 total, and including images — download the WatchTime E-Special: “Inside Rolex”, available for $5.99 on the WatchTime app.rnDesigner Watches

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